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A Man's Guide to Valentine's Day

from Step-by-Step (edited)


This Valentine’s Day  make her fall in love with you all over again, after all, that’s what Valentine’s Days are about!

The key to making her Valentine’s Day memorable does not depend on what you do and where, rather, it depends on ‘how’ it’s done. Be one step ahead of other guys and make her feel she’s the woman of your dreams. The worst thing you can do on Valentine’s Day is take it as just another day and treat it with apathy. Women love to believe they are the center of attention of their prince charming. Don’t give her a reason to think otherwise.

  • So, you’ve probably decided to give her flowers. How will you do it? Not by just handing them over like an insignificant necessity. If she’s a working woman, have them delivered to her office with a hand written note that says you love her. She’ll surely thrive on the envy and attention she attracts from her female colleagues.

  • Taking her to a candle-lit dinner? Instead of sitting opposite your sweetheart like you always do, sit next to her. Hold her hand and give her a peck from time to time. But be warned! Don’t get excessively mushy because you wouldn’t want to turn this public display of affection into a public disaster of affection!

  • If you’re planning an evening at home, have your home professionally cleaned, then decorate it in the Valentine’s theme. Show her you put in the effort to make her Valentine’s Day special. A bouquet of balloons, a dozen red roses, and scented candles with a table decorated in fine china.  If you’re not a chef, pick up a meal prepared by a caterer (or her favorite restaurant.)

  • Do something different and take her by surprise. Go vintage style this Valentine’s Day. Hitch a carriage ride and grab a blanket to keep both of you warm while taking in the city at night. (Remember to bring champagne and strawberries!)

  • Make her the center of your attention. Charm her, smitten her and court her. If it’s been years since you two first met, treat this date on Valentine’s Day as your first one. Put as much effort and attention into the evening as you would if it were your first date with her.

Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas
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Make her Valentine's Day special.  She'll love it!

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