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Fall Home Cleaning Checklist 

By Gwen Burckley-Gibson


I love Fall weather. The crisp clean air after months of heat and indoor air conditioning is such a relief!  Did you know...  your home needs a deep clean in the spring, and again in the fall to freshen up from the previous season and prepare for the next.

Begin your Fall preparations by scheduling professional services as soon as possible to avoid their holiday rush.

  • Schedule professional carpet cleaning early this month! Warm October afternoons speed carpet drying. If you rent a machine to clean the carpet yourself, be certain to perform a thorough vacuuming before you start.

  • If you can’t perform the Fall house cleaning yourself, schedule a professional maid service before they are busy with the Holidays.

  • Schedule fall furnace inspections now. Don't wait for the first cold night! Buy a winter's supply of furnace filters. Change filters monthly for maximum energy savings and indoor comfort.

  • Schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning.


Fall Cleaning Checklist:

  • Pull furniture away from walls and clean underneath.

  • Clean baseboards, windows, blinds, sills, and casings.

  • Vacuum corners, and edge carpeting.

  • Vacuum drapes and window treatments.

  • Vacuum, dust, or wash light fixtures as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture and flip cushions.

  • Strip all bedding and vacuum mattresses, then rotate or flip. Clean under and behind beds. Be certain to wash all bedding before remaking the beds.  (You may want to take bedding to a local laundromat that will wash, dry and fold everything for you.)

  • Give the oven a good cleaning, if needed, before holiday baking.

  • Clear kitchen counters of all appliances not used daily. Clear counters are easier to clean, and provide more room for holiday cooking.

  • Pull refrigerator away from the wall, and vacuum the condenser coils. For bottom-mounted coils, use a long, narrow brush to clean coils of dust and debris.

  • Clean out the pantry.  Remove all the cans and boxes from the shelves, then vacuum away dust and crumbs.  Before returning items to the shelves be certain to toss items that are expired.  If you don’t own pantry storage boxes, now is a great time to buy them!

  • Inspect washer hoses for bulges, cracks or splits. Replace them every other year.

  • Check dryer exhaust tube and vent for built-up lint, debris or birds' nests! Make sure the exterior vent door closes tightly when not in use.

  • Drain sediment from hot water heaters

  • Check and empty the central vacuum's collection area.

  • Clean electronic air cleaner elements monthly for most efficient operation. Consult manual for specific product recommendations.

  • Clean or replace humidifiers.


Call Maid in North Carolina, Inc for an estimate for your customized housecleaning. (336) 869-0078

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