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New Year's Resolution vs. Intention

On the cusp of 2023 many of us are setting a New Year’s Resolution.

Instead, let's set a New Year’s Intention! A resolution is a statement to change something about yourself. Resolutions offer little flexibility, which can set you up for failure and self-loathing. However, when you set an intention you approach your goals with more compassion for yourself. An intention is something to live by that you can carry with you throughout the year and into the years to come. When you set an intention, you choose to live more mindfully. Examples of Resolution (negative) vs. Intentions (positive) 1. “I will stop being so negative” vs “I will strive to find something positive about a situation whenever I think negatively.” 2. “I will spend an entire day without electronics” vs “I will spend less time in front of a screen and more time enjoying a hobby.” 3. “I will stop overeating” vs “I will use smaller plates to control portions” or “I will order a meal separated into two take-out containers and eat only one at a time.” 4. “I will go to the gym and workout for an hour 3 days a week” vs “I will move my body in an enjoyable way every day.” 5. “I will stop eating junk” vs “I will eat more healthy foods.” 6. “I will declutter my home by February” vs “I will prioritize decluttering one cabinet, closet, or drawer every week.” We hope your New Year's Intentions lead to a happier and more self-compassionate you!

Walter and Gwen Gibson

Maid in North Carolina, Inc.

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