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Professional Residential Cleaning Services

Customer Preference Cleaning

  • Our Customer Preference Cleaning (CPC) is a customized service that is tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

  • Typically, a CPC consists of a thorough basic cleaning followed by two or more hours of cleaning tasks from the deep cleaning list. A team of professional maids complete a basic cleaning, then work on your prioritized list of deep cleaning tasks until the amount of time you have chosen is up.

  • You may also design your own cleaning by choosing two or more hours of any items from both the basic cleaning and deep cleaning lists. The choice is yours.

  • This allows you to prioritize cleaning tasks performed within a given time frame (i.e. dollar amount.) For example: Mrs. Smith owns a beautiful 4,000 sq ft home which she enjoys maintaining; however, because of her busy schedule there are specific tasks which she has requested Maid in North Carolina perform every month. She has prioritized the tasks in order of importance and has allocated $380 per month to have as many items on her list completed as possible. The maids are assigned 4 hours to accomplish as many tasks as humanly possible from Mrs. Smith's customer preference list. Should there be time left over, Mrs. Smith may ask the team to perform other cleaning tasks until the allotted time is entirely used.

Basic House Cleaning
A team of professional maids will:

  • Clean & Sanitize your kitchen countertops, sinks, fixtures, and floors

  • Clean the exterior of all kitchen appliances, and interior of the microwave

  • Clean & Sanitize all bathrooms: tubs, sinks, fixtures, toilets, mirrors, and floors

  • Clean the laundry room

  • Sweep & Mop all vinyl, tile and hardwood flooring

  • Vacuum carpeting

  • Vacuum or Sweep area rugs

  • Dust and Polish furniture

  • Dust pictures, shelves, and knick-knacks

  • Remove cobwebs on walls and in corners

  • Empty all interior trash cans and replace bags

  • Clean & Shine all glass furniture and mirrors

  • Clean glass entry doors, sliding glass doors, and French doors

  • Make beds (will change linens if clean linens are left on beds)


Deep Cleaning
Includes all Basic Cleaning items PLUS:

  • Vacuum upholstery - under the cushions included

  • Clean under and behind lighter furnishings

  • Vacuum, or Sweep & Mop under all beds

  • Use vacuum attachments to edge carpeting

  • Static dust walls

  • Clean ceiling fans and baseboards throughout

  • Clean all cabinet facings

  • Clean chair-rail moldings

  • Clean all window sills, frames, and blinds

  • Clean all interior door facings and door frames

  • Clean & Sanitize doorknobs throughout the home

  • Clean light switch plates

  • Wipe or dust light fixtures (we do not disassemble)

Optional Add-ons:

  • Clean inside of oven and refrigerator

  • Clean interior windows and window casings

  • Clean crown moldings of up to 8 ½ ft ceilings

  • Vacuum Heavy Draperies and Valances

Professional Residential Cleaning / Maid Service
Gift Certificates - best gift for mothers day, valentines, mom, her
Gift Certificates for Maid Service

Very thoughtful and always appreciated! Home cleaning gift certificates are available for any occasion. 

Move-in / Move-out Cleaning

Post Renovation / Post Remodeling Cleaning

After weeks (or months) of home remodeling, you may not feel like dealing with the post renovation cleaning.  Our customized service is tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.  You may design your own post remodel cleaning by choosing any items from the services we offer.  To complete your checklist online just click this link:  Post Remodel Home Cleaning Estimate Request

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