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Post Renovation / Remodel Cleaning Service

No matter how careful your contractor is, or how good his intentions, your house will need a thorough cleaning after the renovation. Unless you explicitly build it into your contract, extensive cleaning is typically not part of the contractor’s job. The industry standard is “broom-swept,” which usually involves vacuuming up the larger bits of debris and then running a Swiffer across surfaces. Some contractors may also wipe things down with wet rags. Anything beyond this will need to be specifically arranged, and will most likely incur additional costs.  Before you hire a contractor read our blog post "Pre & Post Home Remodeling." 

You may not want to deal with the post renovation cleaning.  Our customized service is tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.  You may design your own post remodel cleaning by choosing any items from the services we offer.  To complete your checklist online just click this link:  Post-Remodel Home Cleaning Estimate Request

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