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Declutter Bit-by-Bit

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The idea of decluttering is overwhelming when we think it has to be all or nothing: “I have to declutter my entire home!” We put it off because we simply don’t have the time, and honestly, we never will have time to complete that entire project in one attempt. Instead of failing altogether, why not do small declutters more often? You’ll steadily make progress and feel good about yourself.

Set small attainable goals. This week I’ll organize the junk drawer, next week I’ll declutter under the sink. Set the intention of completing small tasks multiple times a week instead of aiming for huge decluttering tasks once a month.

Last year Walter and I started decluttering our home bit-by-bit. I started with my shoes that always collect under the entryway table. I sorted through the pile and boxed up shoes to take to Goodwill, took out of season shoes upstairs and tucked them under the bed in a zippered multi-shoe container. The 8 – 10 sets of shoes left (yes, I’m an addict) were left in the pretty basket I keep under the entryway table.

Another project of ours was to sort through our clothes and donate everything we don’t wear regularly, throw away over-worn items, store out-of-season items, and re-organize our drawers and closets. Whew! This project is an ongoing success story as we go through our clothes regularly to donate, toss, or give away clothing. I’m happy to say that going into 2023 we have made a huge dent in our closets!

Bit-by-bit you can declutter, refresh, and re-organize your home. Stores like Ross and TJ Max sell pretty storage boxes and baskets that you can match to your décor. Tuck big baskets under end tables, decorative boxes on tables, in cabinets, on dressers and shelves. My home is full of these, each located where I most use them. Exercise bands and dumbbells are in a basket under one end table, and grandchildren’s toys & coloring supplies in a matching basket under the other end table. My nail polishes and supplies pouch are in a box next to my chair, as are writing supplies and hair ties that I seem to find all over the main level of our home.

Walter has a hope chest I bought just for his overabundance of “stuff” that finds it’s way to the sunroom. He uses the decorative boxes (manly of course) that I’ve bought for his collection of reading glasses, car keys and wallet, and mail to be sorted. His boxes decorate the desk and shelves in our home-office/sunroom.

2022 also found me organizing my sewing/hobby supplies, then placing our seasonal decorations into colored plastic storage bins (purple for Easter, red for Christmas, yellow for summer, etc.)

So, what are our decluttering intentions for 2023 you ask? Letting go of our hoarding habits! I think we all have this a tendency. We think we MIGHT need this or that, and so it joins our clutter. Personally, I end up with too many shoes because of thinking that I MIGHT wear them with an outfit sometime in the future. I’ve held on to some really cute shoes for YEARS and never worn them after the first time because of poor fit, too high or low for the outfit I bought them for, or just because they’re so darn cute! As you declutter your home (and as you shop) keep your hoarder mentality in check.

Let’s get into the habit of constantly decluttering. If you absolutely HAVE TO buy something new, then give away a similar item. As you put away laundry, look through your drawers or closet and put anything that you don’t like or doesn’t fit into a box to donate. When you’re doing your hair or putting on makeup throw away products you haven’t used in 6 months. Believe me, it helps immensely to keep clutter minimal. Plus, it really helps you get into the mentality of asking yourself “do I need this,” “does this serve me,” on a daily basis. Before you know it being clutter free is a habit, and over time you’ll be more prone to staying clutter free.

If you're in or near Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, NC and you’d like help decluttering give me a call or send a text. A few of our team leaders are great with helping our customers sort and organize.

Gwen Burckley-Gibson

Maid in North Carolina, Inc.


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