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The Best Move-in / Move-out Cleaning Services Greensboro Winston Salem NC area

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Packing up belongings, loading furniture and boxes onto a moving truck, traveling, unloading, and unpacking at a new home is stressful enough—and that’s before considering the additional chore of deep cleaning the old house or apartment. Luckily, there are reputable move-in / move-out cleaning services in Greensboro Winston Salem that will take care of this job, freeing you to manage the many other aspects of a move. These services will clean a home from top to bottom, including everything from baseboards and kitchen cabinets to the interiors of refrigerators and ovens. While using one of the best cleaning services may add an additional cost to a move, it’s often well worth it. The best move-in / move-out cleaning service ensures that a seller’s pre-closing walk-through goes smoothly.

top rated move-in move-out cleaning service near me
After all that packing and preparing to move why not hire a move-in / move-out cleaning service?

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Move-in / Move-out Cleaning Service Near You

Not all cleaning services offer move-in / move-out cleaning services or the same quality of cleaning, which is why it’s so important for you to thoroughly vet a service before hiring one. Crucial factors to consider include scheduling, cleaning methods, and total cost. Learn more about these and other crucial factors to consider when reaching out to a move-in / move-out cleaning service.

Quotes, Pricing, and Payment for a Move-in / Move-out Cleaning Service

When choosing a move-in / move-out cleaning service Greensboro Winston Salem, you should get an accurate quote from the service. The best way to ensure an accurate quote is to provide as much information as possible about the home. This includes its condition, size, number and types of rooms. You should also want to find out exactly what services are included in the quote and what, if any, services will require an additional fee. The best move-in / move-out cleaning services in Greensboro Winston Salem NC will provide a move-in / move-out cleaning checklist that clearly states what services are included. Your payment for cleaning services is typically pre-authorized before the cleaning begins, then the charge is placed when the service is completed.

Cleaning Methods and Supplies

While most companies bring their own cleaning supplies with them, there are a few exceptions. You will want to confirm that the cleaners will bring their own supplies when scheduling the service. Move-in / move-out cleaning services vary in the types of cleaning products they use. While some will use standard cleaning products, others only use those that are eco-friendly or hypoallergenic, and some cleaning companies carry both types. If you have any preferences or sensitivities definitely bring these up when scheduling an appointment and see if the company can accommodate.


As with any other type of service that involves technicians coming into a home, the service provider should be fully bonded and insured. The service provider’s insurance should cover any damage the home incurs during the cleaning process as well as any injuries its workers should suffer while performing the job. Ask if the provider carries 3rd party coverage, as only 3rd party coverage will protect the homeowner.


Most reputable move-in / move-out cleaning services attach a guarantee to their services, promising to return to the home to reclean it if you are not satisfied. A company’s guarantee is typically prominently displayed on the company’s website. A guarantee is also a good indication of the quality of the company’s services. If a move-in / move-out cleaning service stands behind its work with a guarantee, it’s more likely the work will be done right the first time. You should ask about any stipulations of this guarantee when booking their service.

Customer Support

A good move-in / move-out cleaning service will have a support line that you can contact when issues arise. While all move-in / move-out cleaning services can be contacted by phone, some also offer customer service via email, text, and online chat.

If you live in or near the Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, NC area, call Maid in North Carolina, Inc for a free move-in / Move-out house cleaning estimate. You can also complete our online Empty Home Cleaning Checklist.

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